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Around Çorovodë

Çorovoda (or Çorovodë when in a sentence with a preposition as in "to", "in" or "from Çorovodë") is the main town of the Skrapar District, about 40 kilometres south east of Berat. Its name is derived from Bulgarian "černa voda" (black water). The town has a population of around 7,000 inhabitants. It could be one of the oldest towns in Albania, on account of ruins of a castle and churches found near here.

Osumi valley
Street in Poli�ani
Arms factory, Poli�ani
Osumi river
View to Çorovodë
Monument, �orovoda
Cliffs along the Osumi
Osumi canyon
Bektashi shrine
Along the Osumi river

The road from Berat to Çorovodë passes through the valley of the Osumi river, along rolling hills and farmlands. After 16 kilometres the town of Poliçani, a town of almost 7,000 people. It has a now derelict munitions factory and was built entirely for that purpose in the 1960s during communist rule.

Çorovodë also has derelict factories but the main sight is "Pirogosh", the canyon of the Osumi river south of the town, with towering cliffs and caverns. There is also a small place of worship of the Bektashi branch of Islam overlooking the canyon.