Photos of The Gagauzia Autonomous Territorial Unit, Moldova

Flag of Gagauzia
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Flag of Moldova

The Gagauzia Autonomous Territorial Unit

Gagauzia is an autonomous region in Moldova, made up of four separate pieces of land in the country’s south with a total area of 1,832 km² and almost 135,000 people, mostly Gagauzians, a Christian people speaking a Turkic language. Its capital is Comrat (Komrat in Gagauz), with around 26,000 people.

Government Building, Comrat
Moldovan and Gagauz flags
Statue of Lenin, Comrat
Victims Political Repression monument
High School entrance, Comrat
Strada Lenin, Comrat
Cathedral of Comrat
Central Square, Comrat
Fast Food cafe, Comrat
Strada Victoriei, Comrat
Strada Victoriei, Comrat
Crucifix, Comrat
Ialpugul Mare, Comrat
Well, Comrat
Wooden façade, Comrat
Liberation monument, Comrat
Herder with sheep, Beşalma
View to Beșalma
Farmyard, Beșalma
Main street, Beșalma
Main street in Beșalma
Orthodox church, Beșalma
Gagauz crafts, Beșalma
Statue of Dmitriy Kara-Çoban, Beșalma

It isn’t known precisely where the Gagauz people came from, but it is likely that Turkic people settled in present-day Bulgaria and converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity. When the Russian Empire annexed Bessarabia (eastern Moldavia), Muslim Turkic Nogai people who lived in the south were forced to leave (they now live mainly in the North Caucasus). Christian Gagauz were settled here by the Russians. They have always remained pro-Russian: now, with Gagauz Yeri an autonomous region, they still prefer Russian over Rumanian and Lenin’s statue stands on Lenin Street, the main street in Comrat.

Nineteen kilometres south of Comrat is the village of Beșalma; its name means “Five Apples” in the Turkic Gagauz language. The Gagauz National Museum of History and Ethnography is in the town, founded by Dmitriy Kara-Çoban (1933-1986), the noted Gagauz ethnographer, local artist, poet and educator, who dedicated a large part of his life to rediscovering the ethnographic and linguistic heritage of Gagauzia. It is a fascinating place to visit.