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The People of Pakistan

Pakistan is a multi-ethnic and multilingual state with a diverse population of over 212 million. Most of its people speak languages of the Indo-Aryan and Iranian language groups. The largest ethnic group are the Punjabis, an Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group, comprising about 45% of the total population. They live mainly in the Province of Punjab.

Boy with crab
Boys of Peshawar
Pashtun men, Landi Kotal
Pashtun boy, Landi Kotal
Passengers, Torkham
Painting a rifle butt
Children in Dir
Boy wearing school cap
Boy of Chitral
Boy with slingshot
Three boys smoking
Boy reading in Urdu
Girl and two boys
Kalash women at “Krakal” funeral ceremony
Young Kalash boy
Smoking Kalash boy
Young Kalash boy, Bumburet
Kalash girl with beadwork
Passengers in the bus
Children carrying rice
Pashtun boy, Bahrain
Dcorated bus, Mardan
Sheep along the road
Men along the road
Workers from Xinjiang
Boys of Gilgit
Boy from Hunza
Girls from Hunza
Boy reading Urdu
Boys doing physical exercise
Woman with a basket
Boys with calculator
Young boy
Portrait of Joyce
Making “Jalebi” sweets
Boy in Karachi

The Pashtuns (or Pakhtuns, historically also called Pathans), an Iranic ethnolinguistic group, are Pakistan’s second-largest ethnicity, making up over 15%. They live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the north of Balochistan province and also across the border in Afghanistan. There are significant numbers in Lahore and Karachi; Afghan refugees are also mainly Pashtuns.

The Sindhis are Pakistan’s third-largest (about 14%) ethnicity, an Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group with their own language, and native to Sindh province. There are many other groups, like the Burusho or Hunzakuts of the Hunza Valley who speak Burushaski, a language that doesn’t seem related to any other. Almost all Pakistani are Muslim, with small Hindu and Christian minorities (both around 1.5%). Unique are the Kalasha people, living in three valleys south of Chitral, who have their unique customs and beliefs, thought to be an animist-influenced ancient form of Hinduism.