Photos of Maubisse, a small mountain village, Timor-Leste

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Maubisse, a small mountain village

A 70 kilometre gravel road leads south into the hills from Dili via Aileu to Maubisse, a small town at 1400 metres above sea level. It is beautifully situated in the mountains. On a hill, overlooking the town, sits the Pousada, an old Portuguese guesthouse, which is still very much in business with nice rooms, good food and great views on all sides.

View to the church
Maubisse view
Carrying bamboo poles
View from the hill
At the Pousada
The Pousada
View from Pousada
Having a bath
View to the hill
Maubisse church
Portuguese fountain
View from Pousada
View to market
Going to church
The Catholic church
Selling mangoes
Clothes for sale
Boy with cock
Selling clothes
Fighting cocks
Cemetery and horses
Horse parking
Selling tobacco
Public transport

Maubisse has a large Catholic church, some eating places and a big market, where people from neighbouring villages come to trade and buy, many of them on horseback; the horses are "parked" in a field nearby.