Photos of Traditional Korean Culture, Korea

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Traditional Culture of Korea

Traditional Culture is celebrated intensely in Korea, and many aspects of it, suppressed during the Japanese occupation in the second half of the 20th century, have seen a revival. Although maybe the beliefs associated with it are no longer firmly held, “Changsung” guardian pole, traditionally erected at the entrance to pathways of villages and temples as guardians against evil spirits and diseases, can still be found and are maintained.

Sculpted head
Attending to the bride
Korean wedding ceremony
Martial arts at Hwaseong Haenggung
Martial arts, Suwon
“Baekje Guard'
In Hahoe Folk Village
Traditional dance performance
Traditional dance
Beating small gongs
Women beating drums
Playing the ajaeng
Playing a bamboo flute
Traditional Korean song
Song with gong
“Samul nori”, Nagan
Traditional Korean dance
Traditional Korean drumming
Jing and Janggu
Traditional Korean singing
Graceful Korean dance
Vigorous Korean drumming
Traditional Korean drumming
Vigorous Samul nori

Re-enactment of ancient customs can be observed on many occasions, like a traditional Korean wedding ceremony or the rituals at the palaces during the Joseon era and even earlier.

Like other similar venues, Naganeupseong Folk Village, in South Jeolla (Jeollanam-do) province, Korea’s best-preserved Joseon fortress town, showcases traditional cultural performances: a dance performance with drums and gongs, traditionally performed in farming villages to ensure and to celebrate good rice harvests; traditional music, songs, dance and “Samul nori”, traditional Korean percussion on the outdoor stage.