Photos of Aboriginal Children from Western Australia

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Aboriginal Children from Western Australia

Western Australia is by far the largest state in Australia and its people are very diverse, especially if one compares the city dwellers with those in the far flung outback regions of this vast land. In the towns has been a lot of racial mixing which reflects in the faces of the Aboriginal children on this page. But although the kids in the south west of the state and in the coastal towns may no longer know their ancestral languages or be involved in the elaborate ceremonies of the past, they very much maintain their Aboriginal identity with their strong family relationships.

Two friends
Boys from Norseman
Norseman boys
Aboriginal boys, Norseman
At Kununurra airport
Girls from Halls Creek
Halls Creek girl
Eating Toffee Apple
Young gunmen
Boys of Halls Creek
Children of Halls Creek
Children of Broome
Girl from Broome
Posing for a photo
Kids on the beach
Surfers on Cable Beach
Boys from Derby
Boy from Derby
Kununurra boy
Flying fox hunters
Children from Balgo
Kids of Balgo
Children from Balgo
Boy from Balgo

Near the north western coastal towns of Broome and Derby are small Aboriginal communities while the faces of the kids in the towns reflect the very mixed population there, Aboriginal, European, Chinese and Japanese.

But in the remote desert regions like Balgo, on the vast plains between the Great Sandy, the Gibson and the Tanami Deserts the languages and ceremonies of the Aboriginal peoples there are alive and well; the resident Kukatja people maintain cultural ties with the people further east in the Northern Territory and the boys will be initiated in their ancient culture.