Photos of the Hall Islands of Chuuk State, Micronesia

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The Hall Islands of Chuuk State

The Hall Islands are a group of two large atolls, Nomwin and Murilo, roughly 100 kilometres to the north of Chuuk Lagoon. Both atolls have two inhabited islands: Nomwin and Fananu in Nomwin atoll, Murilo and Ruo in Murilo atoll. Each has about 1000 inhabitants. The total land surface is about 3.5 km² and this includes uninhabited East Fayu that lies a little over 30 kilometres west of Nomwin. The islands are serviced by a supply ship from Weno.

Village on Murilo
House under the breadfruit trees
Pier of Murilo island
Canoes under palm trees, Murilo
Women and child on Murilo
Happy children on Murilo island
Happy children on Murilo island
View to Ruo island
Docking the boat, Ruo island
Pier on Ruo island
Four women at a house, Ruo
View from Ruo island
Hall Islands of Chuuk State
Chidren playing with tin cans
Waving goodbye from Ruo
School on Fananu
School on Fananu
Church on Fananu
Girls under the palms
Traditional boat house on Fananu
Group of children on Fananu
Children on the beach, Fananu
Carrying pandanus fruit into the village
Relaxing on Fananu
School on Fananu
Leaving Fananu
Sloop approaching Nomwin island
Canoe house on Nomwin
Canoe house on Nomwin
Traditional house, Nomwin island
Women and children, Nomwin island
Taro pit on Nomwin island
Taro plantation, Nomwin island
Offloading the sloop, Nomwin island
Village children, Nomwin island
Sloop leaving Nomwin island