Photos of Rodeos in the Outback, Australia

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Rodeos in the Outback

Where there are stockmen, horses and cattle, the men will want to show off their horsemanship and skills and regular rodeos may be held. This is a typical outback ritual, maybe not to the taste of a soft "townie", but it is a lot of fun for the locals, a chance to meet socially, and although there may be a few broken bones at the end of it, who cares?

Outback Queensland
Riding a bucking bull
Bucking bull
Bucking horse
Just thrown off
Only use one hand
Out of the shute
Riding a bucking horse
Driving a cow
Follow that cow
Stockmen on horseback
Lasso a calf
Trying to lasso
Hats for sale
Taking on the bulls
Catch the calf
Catch the calf chase
Riding the bull
Rodeo at Seven Mile
Showing horsemanship
Staying on a horse
Aboriginal stockman

So there will be rodeos with bull riding or on jumping horses, where steering is with one hand and the horse jumps because of the leather strap under his body, lasso the "poddy-calf" and "catch the greasy pig" for the youngsters. Of course a huge "barbie" (barbecue) will feed the hungry and there will be entertainment with songs from the bush.

These photos were taken at rodeos in Lajamanu (Northern Territory) and Winton (Queensland) well almost 40 years ago, but rest assured that nothing will have changed when you visit one today!