Photos of Aboriginal Fishing in the Northern Territory, Australia

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Aboriginal Fishing in the Northern Territory

In the coastal areas of northern Australia, fishing is a passion for young and old and they manage to catch an impressive number of fish, never using fishing rods, but just a line, a hook and some bait. For the bigger fish the men and boys often use three-pronged fish spears with which they are remarkably accurate.

Woman fishing
Boy with catfish
Caught catfish
Butchering a crocodile
Arnhem Land hunter
Caught a fish
Two fish caught
Big fish
Small shark
Spear fishing
Boy fishing
Fishing with spears
Aiming the spear
Speared fish
A large ray
Boy with ray
Return from fishing
Children with ray
Caught a shark!
Children with shark
Cleaning a shark
Boys with fish
Boy with shark
Boy from Maningrida

These photos were mainly taken around Numbulwar, a community on the Gulf of Carpentaria where the Nunggubuyu people are real "People of the Sea" and catch all kinds of fish. But elsewhere fishing is popular too among all ages, along the coast and, inland, in rivers and waterholes.