Photos of Aboriginal Arts and Crafts from Northern Australia

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Aboriginal Arts and Crafts from Northern Australia

Australia's Aboriginal people have a strong material culture that is intricately bound to their ritual life and the methods by which it is produced haven't changed for centuries, although today "modern" materials are also used. Aboriginal art objects, like paintings made on bark and the famous "didjeridu" (yirdaki) drone pipes are now made for sale and are an important source of income for many groups. There are famous artists, commanding high prices. Aboriginal art is justly famous, both in Australia itself and abroad.

Making a spear
Pukumani poles
Pottery at Tiwi Designs
Tiwi carved birds
Weaving a basket
Basket weaving
Kangaroo bark painting
Snake painting
Fish painting
Painting a didjeridu
Decorated didjeridus
Painting a didjeridu
Aboriginal weaving
Bark painting
Weaving a string bag
Making a barkpainting
At Tiwi Designs
Painting on canvas
Bark basket
Wooden brolga
Wooden mask
Didjeridu collection
Funerary poles
Making a fish spear

Next to items for sale, like painted "didjeridus" and bark paintings, there are also items made for home use, like woven string bags and baskets made by the women and pottery made by the Tiwi people of Bathurst Island. Items like spears, used for fishing, are still produced by the men and the famous "Pukumani" funerary poles are still of paramount importance on Bathurst and Melville Island.